Roster of Aircraft from Other Squadrons and Groups that Post-War Were Assigned to the 406th Fighter Group, Usually Keeping Their Old Unit Markings

After the end of the War in Europe, the 406th Fighter Group became one of the main fighter-bomber units of the Occupation Forces.  As such, the Group began receiving aircraft from other units as the were de-activated.  These aircraft were apparently not always repainted in 406th Group colors, so the only way we know they were assigned to the Group is if we have some document, usually an accident report, that says so.  Like the roster for the 512th fighter Squadron also hosted on this website, this roster for the post-war aircraft from other units contains a page for every aircraft in this situation for which I have information.  The purpose is to share what I know and invite you to contribute what you know.  If you have info or photos to add or corrections to make, please email me at or go to the Contact Us link at the bottom of the home page.  Enjoy, and please contribute!

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