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The following photo shows the same aircraft, apparently earlier in its life.  In this photo it already has the nose art and 4P-X ID codes but has an all-red cowling and possibly yellow or orange vertical stabilizer and red rudder.  The aircraft was in the 22nd FS of the 36th FG as late as August 1945.  That unit's P-47s had solid red cowlings and red rudders.  According to one site contributor they also had yellow vertical stabilizers.  4P-X in the photo below also has the red-yellow-red occupation forces ID band on it, so it is very likely that this aircraft transferred into the 513th after VE day, when other units were returning to the States.  However, note that even at this late date, the photo above shows that the standard 513th red nose flash was painted on and most likely the other unit's tail markings were also replaced.