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Note:  This photo has some implications for interpreting the famous photo of 42-26860 L3-O "Angie" taken 8 months later.  The O.D. cowling panel appearing in this picture is clearly not the one normally installed on this plane.  It was likely installed just long enough to take the picture, perhaps to hide nose art from wives and mothers at home!  In June 1944 when the photo was taken 42-26860 was L3-G and probably Col Grossetta's plane.  In December-January it was L3-O assigned to Lt Diamanti.  Apparently some time in between it was damaged and went to the depot for a "new" salvaged O.D./gray right wing and empennage plus a likely re-engine or at least a new propeller and repainting with the distinctive squadron colors.  Col Grossetta must have gotten a different plane.  The Colonel or his crew chief probably "saved" the pinup cowling panel from the plane when it was put in for repair and maybe even used it on other planes he flew.  The pinup was not on the plane while Diamanti was the pilot.  After Capt Diamanti returned to the States in January 1945 the Colonel must have gotten his old plane back.  But Col Grossetta was in the States on 30-days leave at the time and didn't return until mid-February.  Lt Fred Brandt stated that he shared the plane with Col Grossetta but that he had it most of the time since the Colonel seldom flew.  At least for the first month, it appears Brandt may have had the plane all to himself!  In any case, at some point a cowling panel with pinup art on it, possibly the one from early in its life, was installed.

Photo:  Pima Air & Space Museum